Making a market for your brand in today’s crowded and noisy world grows more challenging every day. The speed of change, technology and emerging digital activations are impossible to keep pace with.

At TheBrandGuides we provide the solutions that clear a way for our client partners to move confidently forward. We begin with smart strategy building.

As defined, strategy is a plan or method for attaining a goal or result. Without strategy brands inevitably end up somewhere…and most often not where they intended. This isn’t for lack of effort, rather for lack of comprehensive strategies and clear metrics.

TheBrandGuides specialize in delivering winning strategies for brands, their products and their causes. Along the way it’s been our experience that good planning leads to good results. That’s why we lead with strategy development – especially suited for challenger brands.




Overused and frequently misinterpreted. At TheBrandGuides we view each of our client relationships as a partnership. Our priority is your brand, your customers and your success.


Digital everything accelerates brand building, market-making and rallying communities to a cause. TheBrandGuides partner with brands to create a digital presence that makes small companies appear established and competent, while refining the desired outcomes for larger brands.


To be clear…a brand is not a logo, tag line or patent. It’s what people think of when they hear your name or see your logo/wordmark. A good brand creates a name. A great brand creates a relationship. We go for great every day.


Having a snappy website that nobody visits isn’t what we have in mind. This is your digital storefront…and we believe it should  work hard for you. To that end we deploy a host of assets to engage, inform and sell.


WE’RE LIKE FISHING GUIDES FOR YOUR BUSINESS. You know your business. You are the expert. It’s your passion. In today’s hyper-competitive, distracting, mobile world…success requires more than your expertise and passion alone.

TheBrandGuides help clients ‘read the waters’ for better results.

We help you place your brand the right way, in the right place to deliver the best results. After all it’s the results that count. Not the effort.

Interested in a Guide for your brand? Talk to Rick.

Ask Rick about creating brand awareness for startups, or how a 35-year old company continues to innovate or how his first client is still his client. More importantly…ask Rick about how we can guide your brand.